Discover new content to learn today! From binary exporting to hacking APIs to creating your own lab with an old computer. Hope you like them :)

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Hacking APIs

This series of articles discusses how to attack the main API models existing today in Web applications.

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Introduction to Active Directory

In this series, I will discuss some of the main concepts of Active Directory. In addition, I will try to build some Python utilities as well as collect domain information using PowerShell. Finally, I will also explain some of the most famous tools used to evaluate the security of these environments.

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Introduction to Binary Exploitation on Linux

Series of articles covering how to get started in binary exploitation.

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Offensive Lab

Chapters oriented to the creation and modification of a personal offensive security laboratory to test different hacking techniques.

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Python Hacking

Different blogs related to how python can be used to make small tools or functionalities that help in pentesting exercises.